Sedona Luxury Home Portfolio

Sedona Luxury and Fine Homes

Sedona offers an exhilirating portfolio of Luxury Homes. 

As a former luxury home builder, and as a Luxury Home Agent, I understand the importance of finding that perfect mix of location, architectural style, feel, and finishes.  

Please feel free to ask me to find your desired home. 

View all Luxury Homes offered in Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek,
arranged by price.

All homes offered between 700k and 800k

All homes offered between 800k and 1m

All homes offered between 1m and 1.5m

All homes offered between 1.5m and 2m


All Luxury Homes Offered at
2m and above

Sedona Luxury Home Portfolio - Arranged by Area and Neighborhood

View all Luxury Homes offered in
Uptown Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon

Uptown Sedona, and Oak Creek Canyon Luxury Homes
1m and above


View all Luxury Homes offered in West Sedona

West Sedona Luxury Homes  
1m and above

View all Luxury Homes offered in the Chapel Area and Big Park

Big Park and Little Horse Park Luxury
Offered at 1m and up

View all Luxury Homes Offered in the Village of Oak Creek

Village of Oak Creek
1m and up

Luxury homes offered in The Village of Oak Creek

View all luxury homes homes in the Cornville, Page Springs areas
offered at 1m and above

All Cornville and Page SpringsProperties,
1m and above

View all homes offered at 2m and above.


All homes offered at 2m and above

Questions about Sedona's Luxury Portfolio?
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